Wednesday, September 4, 2013

365 Reasons Why I Love You

My husband and I are always trying to save money, whether it be DIY home cleaners or trying to make our own taco seasoning. We LOVE to save money and I actually think it's kinda fun! I've learned with my husband it is best to set a budget for things, even special occasion gifts (or else he might go a  little overboard...out of love of course). We decided to try and DIY our anniversary gifts for each other, which is how I came out with this little jar of affirmation!

I gave him this gift for our 1 year anniversary (hence the 365 reasons). We were still doing the whole long distance thing and I wanted to make it special for him not just a one time thing. My husbands "love language" is Quality Time and then Words of Affirmation, which is how I came to this project.

365 Reasons Why I Love You!

-Med. sized jar
-strips of paper (colored)

On each little strip of paper I wrote a reason why I love him. This could be any little thing (I love his laugh, or I love his good morning texts). Believe me, 365 seems like a lot, but it actually is so much fun to really think about everything little thing about your partner and how that makes you happy.

So I wrote each of those up in a Word Doc, printed it out on assorted colored (card-stock) paper. You can just use regular paper if you want. Next I cut each strip out and then used a pencil and curled it up and stuffed my jar.

It really is one of the most cutest gifts I've seen, let alone made. The bright colored paper I used really made it POP and he absolutley loved getting to read a paper each night. It was our nightly ritual when we skyped! So don't be afraid of trying to make your own gift, whether it be for an anniversary, holiday, or even just a countdown to a special date. It's exciting to get to read a reason why your partner loves you each day (especially the quirky reasons which you sometimes forget about).  ;)


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