Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mama's Chai

This is my Mama's recipe (of course she would say, "now you know its not really a recipe) and I love it. For the longest time she was the only keeper of this recipe (I guess I never asked for it either) until just recently when I asked her how she makes her Chai. This is my somewhat "guilty" pleasure when I come home from work. I believe this recipe is pretty darn close to the tastiness of Starbucks' Chai. Do not make the mistake of calling this Chai tea.

Just a little side note: my husband made this very clear to me that Chai = tea in swahili, therefore you are walking around saying "tea tea". Okay, we go:

You will need:
-one Chai "tea" bag
- 2 Tablespoons heaping sugar (more or less depending on your taste)
-half a glass of milk
-half a glass of water
*optional: whipped topping

Step 1: Scoop two heaping tablespoons of sugar into your pot. Next add your tea bag.

Step 2: Fill whatever mug size you like half full of water, then milk. Pour into pot, turn stove on high, stirring frequently.

Step 3: Once mixture becomes frothy and just beginning to boil, quickly take off heat (be careful that your liquid does not bubble over your pot and make a huge mess) and carefully pour back into mug. *Top with whipped topping if desired.

Enjoy :)

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