Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Decorative Matchbook

I love candles! The second I walk through the door after a long day in the office I light one. Right now I'm obsessed with a soy candle named Bali Sunrise. It smells like a fun drink on the beach! Yummm!

One of my roommates in college hated having matchboxes out on the counter, so she decided to collage the box. I'm not one for decoupage, but I did love the way a fancy matchbox looked, as opposed to the one with the labels printed on it.

Below is my solution to the ugly matchbox problem! Follow these easy to follow steps and you'll have yourself a pretty little matchbox in under 10 minutes flat!

What You Need:
Magazines with fun prints
4.75 x 2.5 inch book of matches

Start my choosing some fun pages from a magazine. 
I chose a neat looking tree scene from a Fendi ad and an industrial fire escape print from a Chanel ad.  

Cut a 3.25 x 5.25 rectangle from each print. Pull out the drawer of matches so you're only holding the outside of the box. Glue the pieces of paper to the box, folding some over each side 
edge and tucking in the excess on the shorter sides of the box. 

After you've completed one side. Flip the box over and repeat. 

All done! You've just gone from drab to fab in only a few minutes!

These match boxes make great gifts when paired with a candle 
and packaged in a clear cello bag tied with a colorful bow! 
Perfect for hostess gifts or the holidays!


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