Sunday, September 8, 2013

Relaxing in the Redwoods

This week was crazy for both my husband and I. Although it was only a four day work week, we both worked late everyday and just felt a little overwhelmed. Our camping trip could not have come at a better time. We drove up after work on Friday to Portola Redwoods State Park. It was only for one night but what an incredible get away. 

Leaving a little later than expected, we didn't get up to our campsite until 6:15 P.M. We quickly unloaded our things and started setting up our tent and then began on dinner. Unfortunately, we didn't pack until Friday (right when we got home from work), forgetting many common items that I found we take for granted. For instance, we forgot to bring our flashlight, which would have been handy, considering our lantern broke. Luckily my husband had a head lamp in the car that we used while eating dinner. Another thing we forgot was our pillows! Now I know that when you camp, you're supposed to be "roughing it" and it's not expected to be comfy and cozy but man, that nights sleeping was awful. Despite our forgotten items and sleeping on the ground for a night, this little adventure was perfect. I love the sound of the campfire and the noises in the woods. We had so much fun cooking over the fire and taking a hike to "Tiptoe Falls" which was literally a trickle of water off of a rock; and yet, I had so much fun with my hubby! 

The lack of electronics was very refreshing and it made me finally relax and worry about time. Take a look at some of the pictures from our trip! 

Our cozy tent

Dinner Friday Night
BBQ Chicken-Veggie Foil Packets-BBQ Beans

The creek behind our campsite

On our hike

Tiptoe Falls

Try sometime this week to take a step out of our technology driven lives and just go for a walk, or have some quiet time. It's alright to quiet your mind and just relax!


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