Thursday, November 28, 2013

Scent-sational Gift Ideas Day #1: Maddieloos' Lavender Sage & Lime Ginger Musk Perfume

Getting a new bottle of perfume for Christmas is always one of my favorite gifts. It is the scent for the upcoming New Year – the way you’ll smell for 365 days – 8,765.81 hours – 525,949 minutes! Okay – I’m being a little melodramatic, but SERIOUSLY! One’s scent can be a big turn off (or turn on!) 

I wanted to let you all in on a little secret – the best scents aren’t located behind glass counters at high end department stores. Nope! The most fabulous fragrances are being concocted in the homes of artisan perfume artists around the country. Small Town Sisters has tested some incredible perfumes and will be reporting our favorites all week long! Let’s get started!

If you haven’t heard of Maddieloos, get on your computer right now and check out this shop! Handcrafted in Washington, this shop owner offers 65 different fragrances, bottled in 1/3 ounce bottles with a roll on applicator. The bottle is packaged in a little card board container, complete with label and adorable decorative washi tape!

These perfumes are created with organic sunflower oil, fragrance, and essential oil – no Phtalate, alcohol, or DPG! Sounds good to me! And at $6.50 a bottle, you can afford to try as many scents as your heart desires!

I had the opportunity to try Lavender Sage and Lime Ginger Musk! What an incredible scent! At first, the most powerful notes are lavender and lime, which make for a refreshingly therapeutic combination. The lime energizes, while the lavender soothes. After a few hours the scent of sage sets in and provides a bit of aromatherapy for my afternoon work load at the office. A hint of ginger lingers from beginning to end. This scent is long lasting – so if you’re worried that hand crafted perfumes won’t be strong enough – have no fear – Madieloos will keep your smelling “scent-sational” all day long! 

Some other scents that sound tantalizing include: rosemary mint and lime, bourbon vanilla bean and chocolate, and lemon freesia and Hawaiian wedding flower! 

Hope y’all had a happy Thanksgiving!

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