Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane

As my birthday gift, Hubby booked us a trip to Santa Barbara -- the most beautiful place on the planet! (Pictures of our trip coming soon!)

My friend Jen treated me to a birthday pedicure, which felt AMAZING! I hadn't had one since June when Kir got married and my poor feet, which I stuff into high heels every day, desperately needed some pampering!

After pedicures and an obscene amount of frozen yogurt, we ventured in to Urban Outfitters on State Street.

For those of you who haven't been to Santa Barbara, State Street is one long stretch of shopping, restaurants, bars, and theaters, with offices and loft apartments above the retail establishments. To me, it is the best place to shop, walk, and people watch!

Urban Outfitters is the weirdest and most eclectic store out there! Most of the time I just look around and think "What? Who would buy this?" And then I recall the 6 inch battery operated light up gnome that graced my book shelf pre-marriage. 

A lot of after dinner conversations occurred on the couches for sale at Urban during college night outs. My friends and I would end up in the store, thumbing through the strange collection of books, sitting on the eccentric (ie. overpriced) sofas and chairs. 

When Jen and I walked in, we laughed about those nights, wondering why no one ever kicked us out, and we were immediately transported back in time. We hit the sales rack and the table of books. Jen bought an amazing pair of jelly sandals and I treated myself to a an incredible five year journal. 

My first entry was on my 27th birthday -- which means my last entry will be the day before i turn 33 (scary!). This is such a fun little notebook! I'm kind of obsessed! I think I may get one for my cousin who will be graduating from high school this spring. I've tried to keep a journal in the past and it never worked out. I think (hope!) this one will be different since writing a sentence or two in the small space provided is much less daunting then staring at the pages of a blank book. I'll let y'all know how this works out for me!

Below are some other crazy reads that you can find at Urban!

Yum! Love Nutella! My go to is Nutella on an English muffin, but I'd be game to really doa anything with it!

My cat definitely needs a collection of paper hats! Doesn't yours?

I read this book in 8th grade and it was so creepy and thrilling! I remember wondering what it would be like to find my face amongst the missing, kidnapped, children. 

Pictures to come of my trip soon!


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