Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunny Santa Barbara - Part 2

I have more incredible photos to share from my trip! Enjoy! If you missed Part 1 - click here!

This is a photo of Butterfly Beach! It is my other favorite beach. It is a bit quieter and fabulous for sun bathing. There is an incredible bike path/running trial overlooking the beach, which is where I took this photo from. Ty Warner (ya know -- the Beanie Babies guy?) has a huge house near this beach. 

Any Bachelor fans out there? This is the beautiful Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel -- where Sean and Catherine tied the knot!

My friend Ash and Hubby and I hiked Inspiration Point -- a 3.5 round trip hike. Not too long, but man -- we sure did climb. My calves burned for a few days after this, but it was absolutely beautiful and definitely worth this view, despite the clouds. 

We also went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, which houses so many amazing animals, including this cute guy! (He has  four other giraffe friends to romp about with!)

And no zoo is complete without a sweet elephant! (He has a friend, too!) We went on a Saturday as soon as the zoo opened. It wasn't too crowded and the animals were out and about playing in their enclosures. If you haven't been to the zoo, it is super cute and takes about three hours to walk through and see all of the animals.

I have a few more photos to upload -- they'll be coming soon!


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