Monday, March 24, 2014

Childhood Lost- Slaves To Sin

My husband and I had the amazing opportunity to do an all-nighter with the youth group at our church! Instead of doing Thirty Hour Famine like they usually do, the mentors decided to switch it up and do Childhood Lost, created by World Vision. It was a great experience and gave our kids a taste of what life would be like in a third world country, without technology, much food, and friends or family.

Our night began at 7 on Friday when the kids were "sold" but technically they just got dropped off by their parents. We had them line up in a single file line, no talking or smiling with all of their belongings (bags, sleeping bags and pillows, etc.). They came one by one up to a room, we took their belongings and then wrote a number on their arm. They no longer had a name or any possessions and were told to face the wall next to the room.

Throughout the night we played many games, went through simulations as if the kids were victims of slave labor, prayed for these children who are living in modern day slavery and had worship time.

My hubby and I got to tag team the closing lesson and we used the slavery simulation to illustrate how we can all be slaves to sin. Although many of us here in the states are not slaves, we can easily become slaves to sin without the Blood of the Lamb. Meaning, that it is so easy sometimes to get caught up in sin and not be able to break that bondage from our lives. The only way for us to fully be released from sin is through Jesus. His gospel is clear that His death on the cross is full payment for our sins. We no longer have that hold over our lives and are no longer slaves to sin.

A great song that I think replicates this teaching is one by Rend Collective. I absolutely love it!!!


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