Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dream Closet Motivation

One of my goals this Spring (see my list here) is to clean out my closet -- a chore that I dread. I'm kind of a hoarder, so the thought of getting rid of (ie: donating things to Goodwill) clothes gives me anxiety, while the thought of spending an entire afternoon going through my stuff gives me hives. (Slightly joking... kind of...)

I thought a little inspiration may help get me motivated. Below, please find my collection of dream closets. Must haves are a chandelier, a giant rack for shoes, shelves for purses, and a center island for jewelry and scarves. 

I may share a small walk in with hubby, but at least I can make my side beautiful!

Cheers to dreaming of closet space!


PS: All images were taken from Fashion Diva Design

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