Monday, March 24, 2014

Dreaming of Spring Break

Since I am no longer a student... I will never have another Spring Break. Ever. Again.

I will also never have to stress out over finals, work on a group project with people I don't really like (just kidding. kind of), or pull an all nighter writing a paper.

But I also don't get Spring Break! Boo! (Do you hear that tiny violin? It's playing the saddest song for me  as I throw myself a pity party!)

Okay! Enough of that! Below are some drool-worthy places that are on my  tropical travel bucket-list, as well as links to some of the fabulous bloggers I follow who have chronicled their most recent adventures!  

Enjoy this sweet escape... even if it is just you, a cup of tea, and your laptop!

Julia's (Lemon Stripes) Turks and Caicos Photo Diary is epic!

Hallie's (Corals + Cognacs) Asian Adventure is surreal!

 Any tropic locations on your travel bucket list? Let me know what you're dreaming of or maybe where you're going?

Happy Travels!


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