Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fondue For a Crowd

I love chocolate...I mean really who doesn't?! We are doing this new thing with our youth group and have broken up into 3 different "small groups" all focused on something different. One of our groups is focusing on current events. The second group is diving into relationships and my group (which I get to lead with my cute hubby) is all baking....just kidding, we make a treat as a group while doing a little devotional. 

This past Wednesday was our first official night and we started it off with some Chocolate Fondue

I wanted to keep it simple, semi healthy, and something where everyone could participate in creating.  This would be perfect to have your own little DIY fondue party! (BringYourOwnDippers)

Chocolate Fondue (for a crowd= approx. 10-12) 

12 oz chocolate chips
2/3 + 2 TB half and half

Heat the above ingredients in a small pot and pour into a serving bowl or into a fondue pot.

Serve with dippers (strawberries, bananas, pretzels, brownie bites, marshmallows, etc.) and ENJOY!!!!

The youth loved getting to help cut up the fruit and talk about their days while prepping. 

Not only is this a simple dessert that can be thrown together really quickly but I think it can be pretty fancy with the right dippers too!


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