Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Memories...

We have really fond memories of celebrating Halloween as kids -- from trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, to the annual costume parade at our Elementary School -- we love to dress up and we love to eat candy!

Here we share a few of our favorite Halloween memories...

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

Kir: My favorite costume as a kid was when I dressed up as a flying monkey (it was really for homecoming in High School but it was sweet)!! I wore a black cheerleader type skirt with black tights and a black long sleeve shirt with black wings while I skated around on black roller skates! My mom also made me a little top hat like the monkeys had in Wizard of Oz!

Meg: My favorite costume is also something I wore for homecoming in High School and then again in College. My mom made me a spot on Alice in Wonderland Costume. I felt like a Disney Princess. My favorite Halloween costume is probably 6th or 7th grade when I wore my Mom's prom dress and went as a Prom Queen. 

2. What was your least favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

Kir: We had a Princess Jasmine costume that I wore when I was probably in like 4th grade. It had the little greenish pants with the little bikini type top but my mom had me wear a white turtle neck underneath. I looked so lame!!!!

Meg: I remember the Princess Jasmine costume! I also had to wear the white turtleneck! Ha ha! My least favorite costume has to be the year I was a birthday present. My mom wrapped a big cardboard box in birthday gift wrap and cut out spots for my arms, legs, and head. I had a huge curly ribbon bow for my hair. I remember finding the idea in an American Girl magazine and thinking it was so clever. No one got it -- everyone asked me if I was a box. What third grader wants to explain her Halloween costume?

3. If you could be anything for Halloween this year what would you be?

Kir:  I am going to be a zookeeper along with my husband and our little girl is going to be a zebra!

Meg: I really want to be Cat Woman one year for Halloween. Not this year, but maybe sometime soon. Any excuse for it to be socially acceptable to wear head to toe leather. 

4. What candy were you excited to get trick-or-treating as a kid?

Kir: I loved getting butterfingers! Those are still my favorite candies!!!!

Meg: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is my all time favorite candy. Yummy!

5. What candy sat in your trick or treat bag until it was finally thrown out when you were a kid?

Kir: I hated tootsie rolls but mom loved them so she usually ate them.

Meg: I hated the tootsie rolls too! Gross! There was also a dentist who lived around the block that passed out toothbrushes. I don't remember being thrilled about the toothbrush. 

6. What are your plans for Halloween this year?

Kir: We are doing trunk or treat with our church! If you don't know what that is you need to seriously go google that right now!!!! Since we are dressing up as zookeepers and we have our little zebra too, we are turning the back of our car into a little zoo with all of Hailey's stuffed animals! (Pictures to come the week after Halloween)!!!!

Meg: We are going to my brother and sister in laws' house, ordering pizza, passing out candy, and watching a scary movie. 

We hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

Meg & Kir

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