Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Care for Your Sweaters...

The weather in San Antonio has been so strange lately. One day I'm wearing a sweater and the next day I'm wearing shorts!

Whether I need to reach for something warm and wooly again soon, or start packing up my winter clothes for the year, it is always important to use proper care when washing sweaters. 

I hand-wash all of my sweaters, but you definitely want to make sure you hand wash anything that has animal fibers in it, and anything that is hand-knit or hand-crocheted. 

I use Kookaburra Wash with lavender. It smells amazing, a little goes a long way, and the soap wash doesn't need to rinsed out of the garment -- which means less agitation for the fabrics and fibers. Plus, my mom uses this and it makes me think of her! Kookaburra Wash also comes in the original scent and no scent options. 

Step One: Fill the sink with room temperature water and add a capful of the Kookaburra Wash

You do not want to use hot water! Hot water will cause your wool garments to felt (which is exactly what it sounds like -- your gorgeous sweater will turn into a felt sweater -- ew!) 

I also leave the garment out of the sink while it is being filled up with water. This eliminates excess agitation -- which can also cause felting. 

Step Two: Place your garment in the sink. 

I gently press the garment under water until it is fully submerged and has absorbed some water. 

I let the garment soak for about a 30 minutes. 

Step Three: Drain the water -- leave the sweater. 

I let all the water drain out of the skink. I then press on the garment to release as much water as I can. I avoid wringing out the garment, which can stretch it out. 

After I press as much as I can out, I typically leave the garment in the sink for another 30 minutes, then I come back and press out more water. 

Repeat this process until you can't release any additional water. 

Step Four: Lay the garment on top of a towel on the floor. 

Make sure the flooring can get damp. I use the tile in my bathroom. Don't use a wood (or wood-like) floor. If all else fails, use your bathtub. 

Step Five: Roll the towel to release any excess water and apply pressure to the towel roll. 

Step Six: Unroll, reposition, and let dry. 

I hand-wash all of my sweaters in my bathroom sink with Kookaburra Wash with lavender. It doesn't take a long time and I love the way my sweaters smell after they have been hand laundered. 

Do you hand-wash your sweaters? Take them to the dry-cleaners? Or toss them in your washing machine? Chime in with a comment below. 


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  1. I need to take better care of my clothes; I'm too lazy

    1. Hand-washing does take a little extra effort, but your clothes will last so much longer! Thanks for stopping by!