Friday, March 14, 2014

Relax & Unwind with Santa Barbara Aromatics' Candles

It has been one of those weeks. You know what I'm talking about? The kind where you don't leave the office until 7 (or 8) most nights. The kind where you come home, make dinner, but are too tired to do the dishes. So the dishes sit in the sink until you realize every dish you own is dirty.

Don't get me wrong. I love my job. Love. Love. Love it! There is nothing else in the world I would want to do. Being a lawyer is my dream job. But it is also very stressful at times. 

One thing I have learned over time is that when life gets crazy you have to treat yourself to the little luxuries -- a cupcake from that bakery on the corner, that pair of shoes you've been eying for months, or a new haircut. 

This week I discovered a new little luxury -- candles from Santa Barbara Aromatics!

I had the opportunity to sample the Montecito candle from Santa Barbara Aromatics and my goodness -- I have never smelled something so fresh and beautiful and spot on to the way Santa Barbara actually smells! I know that sounds funny -- but Santa Barbara does have a smell! (If you forgot how gorgeous Santa Barbara is click here, here, and here). 


The Montecito candle filled my living room with the heavenly scent of gardenia and tuberose-- two of my favorite fragrances! The fresh floral aroma danced its way through my apartment with out being too strong or over powering. The scent reminded me of warm summer days spent with friends, frolicking through the Montecito hills, making our way down to Butterfly Beach. The fragrance was warm and inviting. 

The candles are soy candles, which burn very evenly and clean. I burned mine every night this week and there is not a trace of black soot on the inside of the glass.  

I was very impressed with the packaging. My 10 ounce candle was hand poured into a thick and heavy glass container and topped with a glass lid. The label offers a gorgeous water colored image of the ocean and mountains. 

Shop owner and Santa Barbara native, Seana, mirrors each glorious scent after a famous Santa Barbara landmark. She hit Monetcito, an affluent area with massive estates, right on the money. 

As for other well known Santa Barabara hot spots, Seana offers  Mountain Drive, San Ysidro, Padaro Beach, Mission Rose, and Mirimar Beach. She also offers other floral and fruit fragrances -- perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months -- also perfect for Mother's Day gifts!

I know I will be back for more and I can't wait to treat myself to a new little luxury! I love Plumeria -- so probably the Padaro Beach candle! I'll let y'all know which one I choose! 

Check out Santa Barbara Aromatics etsy shop, website, and Facebook page!


PS: Santa Barbara Aromatics gifted me this glorious candle. However, all thoughts and opinions regarding the product are my own. 

PPS: Congrats to our giveaway winner, Savannah! 

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